About Us

 When people come to get togethers at our house, the gathering tends to eventually move to the kitchen.  So it's no wonder that people notice the Umjava.  We built the first coffee maker water line as an experiment, because our kitchen was small and there wasn't much room to pour water into the reservoir of our coffee maker.  The wall cabinet and refrigerator cabinet made things tight.  Our experiment worked and the first Umjava was born.  Our guests noticed the coffee maker looked different and would ask about it.  Rather than explain it in detail, we demonstrated it in action.  It was unbelievable how much people liked it.  They began to ask if we would make one for them, and we did.  First it was the family.  Then the friends.  Then the neighbors wanted one, and it got to the point where we made so many that we had to offer these for sale as kits to anyone who wanted to give it a try.  The response has been better than we imagined.  Our customers love them and you will too.


Umjava -Coffee made easy!



Eli S McFly


Umjava, llc