a water line for your coffee maker

Umjava, a water line kit for any coffee maker

You mean I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars?

That's right!

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When refrigerators began to include ice makers, the skeptics asked - Why?

When new kitchens started to feature reverse osmosis, and water filtration systems, the skeptics asked - 


These water lines are now standard in today's modern kitchens.  Umjava is the pioneer in the Coffee Maker Water Line world.  With Umjava, you will transform the functionality of your kitchen, and make your coffee experience better.  Here are some key features of your kit:

1. Neat and Trim - The Umjava valve and water line discreetly fastens under your upper wall cabinet for a clean, out of sight look.

2. Seal-tight Technology - Umjava uses their own push to connect, clipless fittings.  Push them in and you're done.

3. Easy to Install - You'll be up and running in less than 15 minutes with minimal tools needed.

4. Works in Most Kitchens - If your refrigerator has an ice maker, you will be able to add an Umjava Coffee Maker Water Line.  You can also tap off off any under sink R.O. system or water filter system in the alternative.

This is what our customers are saying...

about their Umjava Coffee Maker Water Line Kit


Now I need better appliances "

Teri O'Neil

"The best coffee decision I ever made."

Casey Bartell

"Getting water from the sink?

Nah, that's the old way”

Tia Gotlieb


I installed it myself while my hubby slept in.”

Triny Finn

“A buyer for my house put in their offer - they want the umjava”

Daryl Pendleton

But I have an older coffee maker...

Can I add an umjava coffee maker water line kit?


But my coffee maker isn’t next to my refrigerator?

No problem.  We gotcha covered.

20 feet of tubing included

Enough to get from the refrigerator to the coffee maker.

Is it easy to install?

Yes it is. Here watch an installation video.

When will it arrive?

Your Umjava Coffee Maker Water Line Kit will ship out from our warehouse in Wisconsin. It should arrive within 2 to 4 days. Allow a little more time if you are outside the US.  

Can I Hide The Tubing And The Valve?