When I Plumbed the Coffee Maker (why I bought the kit)

If I happened to be the type who only drinks a cup a day or a cup a week, I might not bother.  But that's not me.  No, my wife and I make a full pot every morning and more often than not, we brew another cup or two later that day.  In the winter, coffee is exactly the fuel our bodies need to kick start our day.

See for ten years we began our morning by adding fresh grounds, then one of us stood at the sink, where we turned open the faucet and waited while our pot filled.  Once it was full, (usually I), not-so-carefully poured the water into the back of our coffee maker.  My wife use to say, "I need a mop to clean up after you," when she rather routinely, wiped up the water when I missed the reservoir.

Well that was then and this is now.  The way I see it, it's like our small electric pizza oven.  We don't have to have it.  We could just cook a frozen pizza in the oven like we did for so many years.  But now with the pizza oven, we just throw the pizza in, set the timer and walk away.  It dings twelve minutes later and it's done, without pre-heating the oven.  The Coffee Maker Water Line by Umjava is sort of like that.  It's the easy way to make coffee.  

And so, we pulled the trigger and dipped into our life savings, to fork over a whopping $20, and purchased the Umjava online.  We choose their under-cabinet mount model after watching the short demo on www.umjava.com.  It arrived a few days later.

Here's the thing.  I'm not that handy.  If I thought it was even remotely difficult, I'd more likely say, "forget it".  I'm just being honest.  I messed up our kids swing-set.  This was my shot at redemption.  I do own a cordless drill, so I lucked out on the tools I would need.  I followed the instructions from the Umjava website and in about fifteen minutes last Saturday morning, I was brewing my first pot.

The kit creates a water line from the refrigerator to our old Mr Coffee.  (I think it's a Mr Coffee but maybe it's a Black and Decker.  Doesn't matter).  So now our old $25 coffee maker is suddenly my favorite kitchen gadget. and I'm not afraid to show it off at parties, like the one we are having next weekend for my wife's side of the family.  

I can't wait to hear my wife tell them I installed it myself.