Water Valve Or Faucet For A Coffee Maker - My Grandparents Can Now Make Coffee

I never knew they stopped making coffee because they never told me.  My Grandma's wrist was too weak to hold and pour a pot of water into the coffee maker reservoir.  My grandpa is in a wheelchair and couldn't get at it.  It was a friend from the senior care facility that turned us on to UMJAVA.

It's a kit to create a direct water line from your refrigerator to your existing coffee maker.  So for $19.95 and twenty minutes of my time, their mornings got better.  It was easy.  My Grandma explained that somedays they just like to get up and look out the window at the four seasons and the people going about their day.  So now, to be able to enjoy coffee again by merely turning a faucet or a valve, really made the  difference.  I could see the happiness on my grandma's face the first time she used it.

Anyhow, I'm happy I could help out.  Watch the video demonstration on their website: www.umjava.com and see if would brighten the day of somebody you know.