How To Add A Water Level Control Valve To A Tank The Easy Way

 As a third generation dairy farmer, we had plenty of watering tanks.  They were not only located just outside the barn, but we had two mounted to the cab on the back of trucks.  We kept all the tanks full via the Up2 Water level Control Valve Kits.

Prior to selecting the Up2 kits, we rigged the mini-float valves to keep our tanks full, but they were not screeened so we use to toss them out every time they clogged.  With Up2 the entire valve itself is rinsable and comes with a replacable screen filter.

In my opinion, the design of the valve is up another level.  It fits in your hand.

But what really sold us, was the bulkhead and the fittings, which come with every kit.  They make the installation easy.

Once we drilled the hole in the tank, we were able to have the entire kit installed in a few minutes.  We fill our tanks with commercial grade garden hose but the fittings are designed to work with any standard grade garden hose, or PVC connection.  The quick connect feature pretty much snaps into place so that we can remove the hose easily if need be.

The entire Up2 kit cost less than $25, so I'm not going to whine about the price.

I will try and include a link below to the Up2 buyers page (if my daughter gets up and shows me how).