Fish Tank Top Offs - A Better Way

"Holy shit! There's water everywhere". That's what I heard my girlfriend yell into the phone.  I was at work.

I knew what happened before I set foot in our apartment.  The float valve had stuck open on my fish tank.  She gets home first.  I had some 'splaining to do.

I was right  I decided to add a manual shut off valve in front of my float valve, so I can shut it off when I leave the house  

Admittingly, I'm a big believer in the KISS method of problem solving (keep it simple stupid).  A friend told me about a $18 system he uses called Fish Tank Fill Kit by Up2.   This is the video he showed me.    They are a water line company which sells a low cost alternative to the float.  (I'll try and find a link and post it at the bottom) .  Their kit brings the water to your tank via your refrigerator or R.O. filter, but you control the on / off flow of water.  Now that's an idea Jen and  I could live with.

Via my cellphone, I ordered the kit online.  That weekend, I spent about ten minutes setting it up after watching their three minute instructional video.  It was a piece of cake.  The thing I really liked was the push-and-done fittings.  They connected effortlessly.  The valve connected to the tank cover with a hand tightening plastic stem nut.  When I finished installing it, I fastened the water line slack to the wall base with clips from the kit.

Now topping off the tank, is part of my Thursday night routine.  I don't come home from work and wonder if my diggs are flooded  


Try this link to see how it's done: 

Installation Video:  here